PTI PolyCB2 Thermal Weave screen mesh insulates by preventing temperature exchange from outside weather conditions. And, it does this without spoiling your view and without preventing fresh air. It insulates from cold weather. It insulates from hot weather. In addition to insulating, it protects from high winds, rain and snow. And, it minimizes bright sun glare and filters out UV radiation. 

Simply put, you see what's outside but you don't feel it. Give yourself the pleasure of outdoor living throughout the year on your Thermal Weave enclosed porch, patio or balcony. Enjoy it in total comfort and complete climate control.

PolyCB2 Thermal Weave is a non-conductive low density and highly porous thermal insulation material that minimizes molecular frequency exchange. Consequently, when one atom cannot effect the frequency of another, then neither heat nor cold can be transferred.

The tiny pores in the material permit visual light rays to pass which allows you an outward view. The high mass of the material proportionally decreases bright sun glare.

UV inhibitors, contained within the coating of the strands (fibers making up the weave), act as a buffer and assist in filtering out the heat creating ultra violet radiation before it ever reaches your interior area.

The result is a thermally isolated area. An open doorway or window to your main environment can easily maintain temperature control. Thermal Weave insulates so well that just a small space heater brings comfortable warmth on even the coldest days.

More Information and About Thermal Weave Insulating Screen
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