Super Textilene
® Solar Shade and Privacy Screen
Our Super Textilene® is manufactured by Twitchell Corporation, the same manufacturer of Super Screen®And, the same high strength extrusion-coated polyester core yarn is the base of this solar screen. 
The coating of Super Textilene® contains a UV protection that keeps the screen from ever becoming brittle. Biocides in the coating prevent the growth of mold and mildew. And, the weave provides excellent visibility while containing all the requirements that make it a quality solar and privacy screen mesh material.
Outstanding airflow is another characteristic of Super Textilene®. Not only are you protected from the scorching sun, but you also have the advantage of the cooling effect of breezes.
Super Textilene® is supplied to ProTect Industries by Twitchell Corporation and guaranteed to meet ProTect's exacting standards and specifications for solar and privacy screen.
Brilliant colors are available. Colors that will endure years of exposure to the sun. And, one thing more: You will never need to worry about having to re-screen again!
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