MX-90 Premium Solar Shade and Privacy Screen Mesh
MX-90 is a fine weave, fine fiber solar/privacy screen mesh with extraordinary properties. It is woven from ultra strong extruded coated fibers that defy UV rays and all other elements that produce deterioration. Consider these facts:
No other screen mesh on the market can match its ability to reduce sun glare and "keep the view"
Blocks and nullifies more heat producing ultra violet rays than any other solar screen
No other screen mesh matches its ability to maintain airflow and still protect from high winds, flying objects and airborne pollen
As a Privacy Screen, no other screen mesh comes close to its clearer "only one way" transparency
Provides excellent rain deflection when hung vertically 
Never becomes brittle, cracks or tears for a lifetime of durability and beauty exceeding 20 years
Has high flexibility for use as sliding solar shade drapes or roll up solar shade
Is the preferred solar shade screen for aluminum structures with screen holding spline groves
Will not stretch or sag over years of wear
Maintains a constant cooling air exchange by its fine mesh uniform weave resulting in over 300 pores per square inch
Available in soft decorator colors
The amazing strength of all PolyCB2 products comes from the core of the fibers woven into the screen. The spaghetti-like intertwined molecular structure of the core absorbs and temporarily elongates under shock and strain instead of separating.
All PolyCB2 products including MX-90 screen mesh are specifically formulated and manufactured to ProTect's exclusive requirements and specifications for high endurance and performance.
MX-90 has high rein deflecting properties and should not be mounted overhead without being on a reasonable slant. It may puddle during a heavy rain and the water weight may cause damage to the structure.
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