About Mesh Sizes of Super Screen and PolyCB2 Insect Screens
The Standard mesh insect screen will protect you from flies, mosquitoes and other small insects.
Super Screen  sells their product as a 16/14 weave and PolyCB2 sells theirs as a 17/14 weave. 16/14 means that in every square inch of screen there are 16 holes in one direction and 14 holes in the other. Actually, both products have almost 33 holes by 28 holes in a two inch square.  
The fine mesh of Super Screen and that of PolyCB2 are a 20/17 weave (or if you wish, a 17/20 weave). The openings are a little smaller so they keep out  smaller insects like no-seeums and gnats. The fine mesh is somewhat of a solar screen inasmuch as it blocks about 45% of ultra violet rays when the sun is at an angle to it.
Both Products and both screen mesh sizes provide you with good visibility of the landscape.
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