High Strength Insect Screen for Porch, Patio, Balcony, Enclosure or Sun Deck. PolyCB2 Super Screen Insect / Bug Screen Last the Lifetime of Your Home!

PolyCB2 Super Screen is the #1 Choice for Areas of High Wind and Flying Objects. It is Indestructible.

Neither golf balls nor hail stones can damage these insect screen materials. They have withstood flying debris from hurricane winds. Weathering tests show that they lose less than 2% of their strength and flexibility over a ten year period.

The standard weave insect mesh protects against flies, bugs and mosquitoes. The fine weave insect mesh keeps out gnats and no-see-ums. Interestingly, the fine mesh is also somewhat of a solar block screen (about 40%) due to its finer weave. Protect your patio, porch, balcony and enclosure areas with PolyCB2. 

PolyCb2 is a favorite of new home builders and has all but replaced the usage of fiberglass insect screen on higher quality new homes in areas where hurricanes are prevalent. The slightly higher cost of  this insect / bug proof Super Screen is nothing compared to the cost of re-screening  with other brands every few years. 

PolyCB2 is truly the premium insect mesh material. It has all the attributes of other high strength materials on the market and more. We highly recommend it when you need the very best for areas that are prone to severe conditions (see about PolyCB2).
Outlasts all other screen materials up to ten to one! read why
Enjoy truly protected and pest free "outside living" at its finest.
Free from mildew, rot, tearing and fading. 
Will not sag or become brittle with age!
Blocks from 28% to 43% of harmful ultra violet sun rays
Impervious to the elements including UV rays, salt air, heat and cold.
Our "fine weave" mesh blocks pollen and other airborne annoyances.
We provide PolyCB2  Insect protection in full rolls or in cut sizes sold by the linear foot. They come in widths of 36", 48", 60", 72", 84" and 102". Naturally, the cost per foot in full rolls is less than in cut size. 
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