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Super Screen and PolyCB2 Insect and Bug Screen Solar Shade and Privacy Screen with high UV block for windows, patio, porch, skylights, balconies and other areas of sun glare and sun heat. Thermal Weave Insulating Screen Mesh Get prices or purchase Super Screen and PolyCB2 insect  / bug screen and solar shade screen and accessories,

Lifetime Durable PolyCB2, Super Screen, Super Textilene Solar Shade Screen, Insulating Screen and Insect Screen 
for your enjoyment of protected outdoor living! Keep the view and the breeze. Minimize sun glare and excessive heat. Stop those pesky insects. And yes, our sun shade screens are privacy screen also.
Solar Shade: Install our sun shade solar screen around your patio, porch, deck or balcony. Cover your pergola, trellis or other shade structure. Block the UV rays and enjoy up to 30% temperature drop! 
Thermal Weave Insulation Screen: Keep the view and fresh air while insulating any covered porch, patio or balcony from the winter cold and summer heat.
Strength: PolyCB2 and Super Screen insect / bug screen withstands hurricane force winds and flying objects. And, there is no screen tougher than the PolyCB2 MX-90 and Super Textilene solar shade screens!

Privacy: True daytime privacy is an addition to the value of our solar shade screens. The reflection properties, resulting from the unique extrusion process of the fiber coating, are the equivalent of thousands of tiny mirrors that bounce light rays back to the outside viewer. Whereas, you on the inside, can see out clearly (see privacy from solar screen). 

Advanced technologies and manufacturing methods provide high strength synthetic fiber cores with an exclusive extruded coating that withstands molecular breakdown from solar rays. Biocides added to the coating prevent mildew and rot. These screen mesh products last up to 15 times longer than any other screening materials on the market.

Visit our purchase online page and build yourself a quote or place an order. If you have questions, pick up your phone and call us at 239-463-1664

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PolyCB2 Thermal Weave
Insulating Screen
  • Keep heat in on cold days
  • Keep heat out on hot days
  • Keep outward view
  • Keep fresh air
  • Shed driving rain
  • Block high winds
Maintain weather control on your covered porch, patio or balcony area.
"Outdoor living in comfort every day of the year"

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